71vVLG9zf0L._SL1195_I’m always on the lookout for a new cell phone case and my latest favorite is the “Insta-Snap” iPhone 6 case by Easy Tech. Honestly it has almost everything I want in a cell phone case — good looks, slim fit, easy on-and-off, and protection against scratches and minor day-to-day drops.

IMG_1690Most of the cases I’ve seen that offer at least a fair amount of drop protection come as a two-part system: soft rubber inside with hard exterior bumper. This case is a one-piece blend of those two ideas: it’s a semi-soft plastic that bends enough to get on and off easily, but is firm enough to offer a solid degree of protection.

Easy-tech-iphone-case-reviewOther features I like: it has enough of a “lip” around the front screen to protect at least a little against face-down drops and scratches, and the case’s surface has a smooth matte finish that looks smooth but is actually fairly grippy. Also the first 2000 cases sold (they’re brand new, so the deal is going now) get a free tempered glass screen protector as well! That’s a $15 value, and a huge bonus — if you’ve never used a glass screen protector you’re really missing out.

Insta-snap-iphone-case-reviewAll the cutouts and buttons are well made and precise, and overall it’s just a really nice looking and nice feeling case. And I have to say that it’s main ‘claim to fame’ is the “Insta Snap” feature and they aren’t kidding: it really is ridiculously easy and fast to get on and off. This is super useful for a mom like me, who is pretty regularly discovering random sticky spots and grunge of an unknown origin on my phone that needs to be cleaned!

Insta-Snap-iPhone-Case-Easy-TechThe only two complaints I have are minor: 1) I wish the front “lip” was just a little deeper, as the glass screen protector pretty much evens it out. 2) I wish it came in a few fun patterns or more exciting colors/designs. I stepped outside of my usual “silver” to get this in pink, however, and really like it.

The “Insta-Snap” iPhone 6 case by Easy Tech is available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and comes with a free tempered glass screen protector for a limited time. I really do recommend it — if you like the way it looks you won’t be disappointed with how it feels. :)


Note: This post contains affiliate links. I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.


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