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I don’t know exactly when it started but I remember we used to make Orange Clove Pommanders as kids and recently I got a bee in my bonnet to make some again. They are one of the easiest, best-smelling projects ever and the resulting pommanders are great for giving as office or teacher gifts, or hanging around the house as holiday aromatherapy.

Oranges and clovesThe ingredients are simple: oranges and whole cloves. That’s it!

The orange oil and cloves smell great together, and thanks to the cloves’ antibacterial and antifungal properties the pommander won’t mold or rot — after a month or so it will just shrivel a little and get dry and hard and you can throw it away.Single whole cloveThis is what the individual cloves look like and the concept is simple: just stick them into the orange’s skin. Depending on your orange they may go in easily, or you may want to make small holes with a toothpick first.Make whatever pattern that you like. Generally “the more the merrier” as far as how many cloves to use.

I’m making stripes down the sides.

So here’s the whole how-to breakdown:

What you’ll need:

What to do:

In its most basic form you simply stick the cloves, pointy end first, into the skin of the orange. You do that over and over until you’ve covered most or all of the orange’s surface, or made a pattern that you like. Keep in mind that the more cloves the merrier for both the aroma and the anti-mold properties.

orange and clovesYou can add ribbon and hang as decor, or leave as is and display in a bowl like you would potpourri — in that case make several for a gorgeous display!

Oranges and cloves ornament project

I also added a random jewel embellishment that fell off a keychain awhile back.

FYI the pommander in these photos is about 2 weeks old and has a lot of life left. They really do last a long time!

orange clove pommander diy

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