It’s that time. The robins and other birds are busy building nests and by Easter will have at least one beautiful, delicate little “easter” egg, maybe more, in those nests. It’s also time to decorate eggs for the holiday and there are so many ways to decorate eggs that you really don’t need anyone’s directions (you could even just buy one of those kits and just have fun!). But if you’re looking for something different and new this wonderful slideshow (complete with instructions for each type) from Martha Stewart may help get your creative juices going. I love the more earthy, natural looking eggs (check out Martha’s Marbelized Swirls, idea #12). One year I actually tried using onion skins and it worked… sort of. I needed a lot more skins than I used but it was fun. Isn’t the egg just a wonderful symbol of new life?

Just a note… Try your best to buy organic, cage free eggs this year and have a heart for all those chickens. Happy Easter and Happy Nesting! (that last one is for the birds of course… or you…)

Photo by foobean01

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