Snowdrops and fairy painting by Deborah greggA lot of browns in the garden right now, here and there tough perennials are showing some green (like that amazing penstemon!) but most everywhere it’s muddy and cold with not much to look at. I wish last fall I had followed through on plans to plant some snowdrops. Every year I think about it and then get busy and let it go. Snowdrops will come up and bloom while snow is still on the ground and nights are still pretty cold. I would love to be watching for them now to push through the cold earth and show their faces when nothing else will.

I do have some early blooming bulbs though, the Siberian Squill (scilla), so tiny and so blue, has been spreading and popping up everywhere over the years. It was originally planted by my grandmother. And Grape Hyacinth, happy along the south wall of the house (a micro climate where it’s protected), and Glory of the Snow (chinodoxa) with its star flowers… but nothing is as early as the Snowdrop. So I am flipping the calender pages over to August and writing a big reminder for myself to order a nice group of these little bulbs so that next year I will have Snowdrops blooming in the fresh, chilly days of early spring!

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