Doorstep-Desserts-ReviewDoorstep Desserts is a weekly or monthly subscription box that promises “everything you need to make pastry chef inspired dessert recipes at home.” The cost is $18 per week, $20 bi-weekly, or $22 per month.

Doorstep-Desserts-Review-2My dessert was an Eclair Cake. Yummy!

Doorstep-Desserts-UnboxingNo refrigeration required for the ingredients. They were packed up tightly, everything arrived in good shape.

Doorstep-Desserts-UnboxedHere’s everything in the box, laid out. You know it’s a simple recipe when there are only 3 ingredients!

Doorstep-Desserts-IngredientsNutritional facts and an ingredients list is included. I can’t help but notice that they’re fairly long, and there’s lots of corn syrup and unpronouncables. Also, the icing and the filling have exactly the same list, in exactly the same order. Obviously one is not correct (presumably the icing, as it would have some kind of chocolate or non-yellow coloring).

Doorstep-Desserts-InstructionsThe instructions are simple and easy to follow, and include pictures! (But the proofreader in me noticed that they are formatted inconsistently.)

IMG_2453Although (and this is just my weird brain I think) it took me a minute to figure out that “cut the cakes in half” meant horizontally, not vertically. I didn’t realize that this actually makes two eclair cakes, yay!

IMG_2463Terribly cake-slicing job, but it will still taste the same, ha.

Doorstep-Desserts-EclairI was in a hurry when I made this, so it didn’t turn out super pretty, but it did taste good. And from start to finish took less than 10 minutes, which is a huge win!

Summary: I have extremely mixed feelings on this box. I love the idea of a dessert box, and this was so easy and delicious. The concept of gettingĀ  a fun dessert delivered to your doorstep every week or month is awesome! But I don’t like how it was executed — the processed “cake mix” type ingredients are a big hurdle for me at this price point. This is a $22 dessert and for that I would hope for a more wholesome, homemade approach. “Pastry chef inspired” — what pastry chef uses corn syrup and thiamine mononitrate in their cake mix? For $22 I could get quite a few Suzie Qs and Hostess Cupcakes, and the flavor isn’t that much different. Also the paperwork is cute but sloppy — the inaccurate/duplicate ingredients lists for the filling and icing, inconsistent text formatting, and a few strange grammatical choices (ie calling the yellow cake “cupcakes” at one point) make it all seem a little rushed and poorly done. Typos happen, of course, but this just feels messy.

All that being said, my husband and I really enjoyed these Eclair cakes! They were extremely rich and it took us several days to finish them between us. I won’t be continuing with Doorstep Desserts right now, but I did enjoy this box and do love the concept. I will certainly be keeping an eye on them and may re-up at some point in the future.


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