The holidays are over and it’s been back to the grind this week, which for me means lots of internet surfing, blog reading, twittering, and facebooking, and a recurring theme has been everyone announcing that they’ve taken down their Christmas trees and packed away all the decorations. Whew!

Not for me. I love my Christmas tree. Some years I’m tired of it once the holidays are over but this year somehow I just didn’t get enough. It’s enormous and beautiful and adds such a lovely ambiance to my living room and workspace that I’m just not ready to let it go — that corner will be so dark and gloomy when it’s gone! Plus it’s a cypress (right mom?) so there’s been no needles to deal with whatsoever, an added bonus.

With everyone touting their awesome Christmas-cleanup efforts and celebrating the demise of the holidays I was feeling a little like an oddball to still be watering my big sparkly tree every morning and flicking on the power-strip for the lights every evening, but it seems I’m not so odd as I thought — I mentioned it on Facebook and it turns out I have quite a few friends who still have their trees up too, plus of course my mom and sister are holding down the “Christmas in January” fort as well. Yay for us! Don’t let peer pressure get you down, people — you leave that tree up as long as you want! I’m playing it by ear myself but thinking February sounds good…

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