I always feel stuck in a weird kind of limbo when it comes to decorating. I have gobs of ideas but little money, interesting spaces but limited control since I rent, and I can never seem to settle on a plan and make a solid decision. The result is a mish-mash of styles and ideas that sometimes totally work and sometimes flop royally.

So it’s no wonder I’m drawn to the lack of permanency and whimsical artsy-ness of this chalkboard wall idea from one of the senior stylists at Free People. Yes, the black is way darker than I would ever normally go but I think in the right place it could really be fun, creative, and interesting. And the idea that guests can leave a note or scribble something fun gives it added charm, plus it would be great in a kids room.

Chalkboard paint goes on just like regular paint so don’t be intimidated thinking it requires some fancy application process. See these basic chalkboard paint tips from Benjamin Moore to get started and, if you’re looking for even more excitement, consider adding a layer of magnetic paint underneath to make it a magnetic chalkboard wall.

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