The Mr Lentz Redwood series is inspired by the giant Redwoods of California and consists of little bits of reclaimed redwood finished with black tea and flax seed oil.

Some come pre-filled with mossy “plants” and others are sold as little empty vases for you to fill with goodies from your own yard or garden. This one comes empty but is shown here with a couple of grass blades and a very teeny flower bloom.

This miniature tree is really a stick with a small bit of spongy moss on the tip and around the base for grass. It makes bonsai look like giants.

Mr Lentz is a photographer and woodworker from Boulder, CO. He enjoys crafting all kinds of things from delicate plant necklaces to hefty furniture items and prides himself on using non-toxic, recycled, and renewable materials. I love all of these little planters although I don’t think i could bring myself to wear them — I’d enjoy them more (and be less stressed about their safety) displayed on my desk in a beautiful little group, like a vase of flowers should be. $35-$42

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