Budweiser is asking all guys across the globe to please stop shaving during the weeks leading up to World Environment Day on June 5th, in an effort to save one million gallons of water. The program is called “Grow One, Save a Million” and every shave skipped (so yes you could just participate over the weekends) saves as much as 5 gallons of water.

“Every gallon of water that we save makes a difference to our communities, so when thousands of people get together for one common cause, great things can happen,” said Chad Pregracke, founder of Living Lands & Waters and the face of the program on Budweiser’s Facebook page. “By pledging to skip shaving and ‘grow one,’ guys can literally wear their commitment to conserving our most valuable natural resource.”

Over the past three years Budweiser’s 12 US breweries have reduced water use by a whopping 34% and last year more than 1,200 Budweiser employees skipped shaving during the week leading up to World Environment Day. In addition Budweiser has pledged a $150,000 donation to River Network, a not-for-profit organization in East Moline, Ill. dedicated to cleaning up and preserving our nation’s rivers.

Get involved and find inspiration on the Budweiser Facebook page and please know that yes, most girls like to see a little scruff now and then. :)

Photo of “The Beard Brothers” above by calebwilkerson

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