In case you missed it last month Ben & Jerry’s announced a new fair trade ice cream flavor on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, inspired by Jimmy Fallon himself. It’s called “Late Night Snack” and features sweet vanilla bean ice cream with swirls of salty caramel and clumps of fudge-covered potato chip clusters. Jimmy worked with Ben & Jerry’s to develop the flavor (somewhat in celebration of his second anniversary at Late Night) and the idea came from the fact that people often can’t decide what they want to snack on late at night, sweet or salty. I personally think it sounds awesome! Potato chips in ice cream? I’m so trying it.

And of course it’s also awesome that both the vanilla and the cocoa are fair trade, which means “the farmers in the developing worlds that produced those products were paid a liveable wage for their products.” See the video below for a little more behind-the-scenes insight.

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