Add some holiday cheer to every room of your home this season with the lowly gourd, creatively upcycled into beautiful artistic Santas from around the world. It was hard to decide but I managed to pick three of my favorites, all from SuzysSantas on Etsy (be sure and check out the scene on the back of each gourd, amazing).

The first is a Russian Santa (above), with realistic features and thick warm “fur” on his hat. Russian Father Frost, $145.
The second, a Polish Santa. Isn’t he jolly! I feel like I could give his beard a tug. Djadek Mroz, Polish Santa, $220.

And yes, Santa is smoking a peace pipe as he stands guard over a symbolic white buffalo. Native American Buffalo Santa, $100.

Take a look around Suzy Meelhuysen’s shop and check out the Norwegian and Irish Santas. These works of art make great gifts, unique art that will surely become a family heirloom.

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