It’s one of those vitamins that no one, it seems, is getting enough of. And now that the winter months are ahead of us, with the weak winter sunshine (we can make our own Vitamin D with exposure to sunlight) and spending most of our time indoors, it’s important that we get enough of this critical vitamin. I know something about nutrition but I am one of those people who always forgets to take what I need. Good intentions are not enough at my age (a baby boomer, on the young end of it, but a boomer for sure! Ha!) so I am determined to take my vitamins regularly this winter and beyond, starting with D-3. I bought a D-3 supplement from “Spring Valley” at the Walmart, very inexpensive (5000 IU/100 softgels) so no excuse even for people like me, operating on a poverty level budget. This vitamin is amazing, not getting enough of it is a real negative for your health. Just read about what Dr. Andrew Weil (there is a lot of good information on the net on this subject, I chose Dr. Weil because I have great respect for him and…he looks like Santa) says about it here and get serious about taking your Vitamin D!!

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