Amour Vert Spring 2011Amour Vert Spring Collection

Environmentally conscious ‘eco-apparel’ brand Amour Vert’s Spring 2011 collection features simple lines, muted pastels, and enough subtle drapes, ruffles, and off-the-shoulder shapes to make any girl feel like a Greek goddess.

‘Amour Vert’ is French for “green love” and stems from founder Linda Balti’s love for both high fashion and the environment. Originally from Paris she moved to the Bay Area and met entrepreneur Christoph Frehsee, soon after which the company was officially born. Aiming to provide beautiful, high-quality, sustainable fashion at affordable prices Amour Vert uses natural and organic fabrics, manufactures entirely in the USA, and uses vegetable and low-impact dyes. Their “Peace Silk,” for example, is made using a special process that allows the little silk worms to develop and emerge from their cocoons unharmed, as opposed to mostly being killed off per traditional silk-making methods.

Also happily Amour Vert’s idea of “affordable prices” really is reasonable — for example the Tulipe Sunset Assymmetrical Top (shown to the right in pink) is just $29. And that includes shipping, which is always free.

Amour Vert Green Fashion

Wearing a white dress while kicking around in the middle of waterfall, however, might cost you.

Via ecofabulous

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