Or more… My analog-to-digital converter box broke down and so it all depends on when (I ordered through Amazon thinking that I would get a better deal) the new converter box gets here. As of today it hasn’t even been processed let alone shipped, and this all happened on Saturday. UGH. The dead of winter is the worst time for this to have happened. I’ve heard of movements and commitments to do without TV for a certain time by families or students, etc. but this is not for me. Although I don’t have the TV on in the daytime I like knowing I can watch the noon news or check on the weather if I want but at night it’s always on and I am missing it. I am still able to watch movies and that’s good but it’s also different. You get patterns going I think and I look forward to certain shows (even a show like Nightline!) as a way of relaxing and disconnecting from worries and the usual work themes from the day, etc.

Well, I have at least till next Wednesday/Thursday so yesterday I got an “audio book” from the library (that should be interesting) and some more movies too — it’s a little too quiet in here.

Photo by Paul Townsend on Flickr

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