Over the weekend my daughter and I went to cut our Christmas trees in the country. The trees are cedars, feathery, beautiful trees sprinkled with tiny blue berries that grow mostly out here where they aren’t wanted. I wasn’t sure they seemed like a Christmas tree until I found out they are the most popular type of tree for Christmas in the South. We drove out on a minimum maintenance road alongside the railroad tracks. The railroad comes along every few years and cuts down trees along the tracks so it’s a good place to cut your own tree! It wasn’t long before two trees were cut, along with a very tiny dead (Ha! Yes, I said dead) cedar tree that has the most beautiful color. It’s a vibrant gold with rose tinges. I’ll lightly spray the edges red and make some earthy ornaments for it and set it in a pot on the porch. I think it’ll look good, maybe, probably, no, it’s going to look great!

So we headed back through the farm fields with our trees sticking way out of the trunk of the car, feeling very pleased with our luck in finding such great trees for free. We didn’t think of it, but we should have sung a Christmas carol or two!

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