• Roses and wine glasses at the Lexus Chef's Table Lunch

    Starting out first thing at 10am Friday morning with a glass of Louis Roederer Cristal champagne and not really stopping until it was time to leave on Sunday.

  • How I’d never really liked champagne before but wow, I do now.
  • How goofy, friendly, and totally entertaining all the chefs on the Lexus Culinary Masters team were (multi-talented!).
  • The food. It was amazing.
  • How enormous and overwhelming the Lexus Grand Tasting was. It ran for two days but I think you could spend a week there and not see/try everything.

    Salt Tasting table at the Lexus Grand Tasting

  • Coming back to my room Saturday afternoon to find that celebrity chef Tim Love’s chef’s jacket and a few other dry cleaning items had been delivered to my room by mistake. (Yes, I did return them!)
  • That I still don’t get what the big fuss is about caviar.
  • That every table, everywhere we went, was always set with at least four or five (if not six or seven) wine glasses per person.
  • The beautiful views at the Lexus REMIX dinner.

    View at the Lexus REMIX Dinner

    It turned out to be among my favorite events of the weekend (it didn’t hurt that DJ Mom Jeans — aka Danny Masterson — was the DJ).

  • How much fun our hostess Alyssa from Lexus was, and how much fun I had overall. WoOt!

More to come in the way of photos and what I learned about pairing wine with grilled cheese and why ros├ęs are the latest trend in wine!

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