I am a 30-something wife, mom, and freelance writer based out of small-town Minnesota. I live with hubby Chris, toddler Zeplin, my faithful dog Piper, three kitties named Mel, Izzy, and Paddington, and a miniature flock of wild parakeets that arose from a backyard rescue several summers ago (we joke about our ‘mini-farm’). When I’m not busy wifing, momming, and writing, I enjoy gardening, macro photography, video games, candy, and staring out the window.


Favorite subjects/things I like to talk about:

  • DIY / How To Projects Because even though most of them suck, I am totally full of ideas. Also I’m often too broke to buy stuff already made.
  • Subscription boxes = Best. Invention. Ever. I mean, seriously. I want them all.
  • Mommy stuff Because I’m a mom. And I’m a writer. And those two can’t not mix. Also, my baby is the best baby of all the babies.
  • Cloth diapering Because I feel kinda unique for doing it (although it’s getting more popular every day, yay!), and because it’s not nearly as hard, or as intimidating, as people seem to think.
  • Natural living/The environment Nothing extreme, but being healthy is important (for us and the planet). I’m a big believer in doing what you can, when you can, and not giving yourself grief over the rest.
  • Giving back Because we could all stand to do more of it, and writing about it helps keep it top-of-mind for me.

About “HolesInYourSocks”

This website has gone through many incarnations and growth spurts, and I think it isn’t finished yet.  Even the name “HolesInYourSocks” has had many different meanings. Currently it represents a cheerful acceptance that life isn’t perfect, and that’s okay. It represents the challenges and imperfections that unite us all (I don’t care who you are, you can and will have a hole in one of your socks, eventually), as well as embracing a DIY / “waste not” mentality in our throw-away world (sometimes that hole can be fixed!).

And as for “live pretty” the philosophy is simple: Live the life you imagined for yourself. Build yourself something wonderful and good and happy. But don’t go any faster than you have to, and keep your eyes on the details. Appreciate the small things. And always always remember: the most beautiful lives are those lived for others. Pay your blessings forward, frequently and generously, and the world will be a prettier place for all of us. ♥

God bless!

Rigel Celeste